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      2. Cutting-Edge

        As communication moves more and more to the digital realm, we're keeping up with the latest advancements in our fields to make sure you're ready for the career you want.

        With concentrations ranging from advertising to organizational communication, there's a place for you to learn — and grow — with us.

        Take the Lead

        In the Master of Science in Communication program, you'll be empowered to take the lead on your own research and projects and learn about the things you really care about.

        Choose to pursue a research-based thesis or a professional project while you're taking courses in communication theory, law and ethics, and your choice of electives.

        Hands-On Experience

        All of our students in the Department of Communication complete at least one internship, gaining experience at local newspapers, radio and TV stations, creative agencies, and more. And often, these internships lead to jobs after graduation.

        There are opportunities out there—take advantage of them.

        Department of Communication

        Whether you have your sights set on reporting for international news outlets, running media relations for businesses and individuals, creating eye-catching visual communications, or helping to improve communication within an organization, we are invested in getting you there.

        In the Department of Communication at UL Lafayette, we have majors, minors, and a master's program that are designed to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

        From your first semester, you'll get to build your portfolio through your classes and extracurriculars. You'll get hands-on experience with online and print publications, TV and radio production, advertising campaigns, and through internships. Our students earn local, state and national awards year after year for their work. You'll have the tools you need to stand above the rest.?

        Earning you degree in communication also makes you versatile. Every single industry needs strong communicators, and your degree from UL Lafayette could help you break into just about any sector of the global economy.

        Learn more about our undergraduate programs and master's program or contact us to set up a campus visit!

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